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VICA uses the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum. The ACE curriculum is an individualised, self-paced, biblically based educational programme


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Our History & Heritage

VICA was established in order to provide children with a genuine Christian education. The school professes its belief in God and in the authenticity and authority of His Word, the Bible.

We seek to provide our pupils with a Godly environment in which they can realize their full potential so that when they enter into society as young men and women, they will be an asset to their families, community, nation, and the Kingdom of God. We acknowledge and seek to reflect God’s view of each child’s uniqueness and individuality.

VICA’s Teaching Philosophy

Education should be the communication of wisdom, knowledge and understanding for all of life, God’s character is the source of wisdom, knowledge and understanding and therefore Education should be God-centered.

  • Education of children is primarily the responsibility of parents.
  • The earth and everything in it belongs to God.
  • The Bible is the revealed Word of God.
  • Every area of life should be subject to God’s word.

VICA School Facilities

Apart from education, VICA offers a lot more.

StartHub Consulting

Computer Laboratory

StartHub LaunchPad

Science Labaratory

StartHub Catalyzer

Sports centre

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