Samuel Kalega Njuba

Samuel Kalega Njuba

High school

My names are Samuel Kalega Njuba and I studied at Vine from February 2005 till December 2018.

During this period, the one thing I was most known for was my athletic ability. This was displayed during the various Conventions I participated in and the various sports competitions. Currently I am pursuing a Bachelor of Laws Degree at Uganda Christian University, in Mukono.

When someone refers to the ACE curriculum, my first reaction may most times be one of shock, seeing as it is not so commonly known. Upon leaving VICA, I realised that very few people have actually heard of the curriculum, so hearing someone speaking of it is surprising. Honestly, I didn’t choose to attend VICA (Vine International Christian Academy), but I do not regret a single year there.

The one ACE lesson I have carried on is self drive. At University, the lecturers give you less than 10% of the work and the rest of the 90%, you need to go and do personal research about.

The one thing I enjoyed about VICA was the sports days we had. When I started out, I was more hands on, and competitive; however, towards the end of my high school years, I tended to step back more and take a more mentoring role for the younger kids.