Moses Evan Muhereza

Moses Evan Muhereza


I am Moses Evan Muhereza, an eighteen-year-old male who loves God. I enjoy playing basketball and helping out the people around me. My favourite subject is Mathematics and I enjoys electronics

I joined Vine International Christian Academy in 2007, where I started the A.C.E. curriculum in my second Grade (2). I graduated from High-School in August 2019 having completed Grade 12, in which I did a Mathematics Bias Course, which would be equivalent to the PCM combination in the U.N.E.B (Uganda National Examination Board) system.

I participated in the East Africa’s Students’ Convention (EASC) in 2015 and the All Africa’s Students’ Convention (AASC) in 2016, where I received several medals in the performing arts and sports.

I also served on the Prefectorial Board as the Head Captain from 2nd February 2016 to 8th December 2018.

I plan on studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering in India but still awaiting enrolment.

My time in the A.C.E. curriculum taught me a lot. For example, I learnt to set daily goals which I knew were within my capability to achieve, making time to talk and listen to God, Memorizing scripture, helping others.

I loved the afternoon co-curricular activities, specifically the FundiBots lessons. I also took a liking to the sports taught during the sports term. However, the lessons that impacted me the most were the Experiencing God classes with Pastor Francis. These classes changed the way I related with God.

I joined Vine International Christian Academy in 2007, where I started the A.C.E. curriculum in Grade 2. I struggled to fit in at first because I was a little kid with an unnecessary temper and I always seemed to get in trouble, but the transition was made better by my very first teachers, Tr. Joel and Tr. Justine and my first friends, Sam Njuba III and Michelle Kagina.

After VICA shifted to the Mengo campus, I started getting used to the rules and regulations that were set for a student at VICA, however, I still ended up getting caught in a few incidents that later led to my very first detention slip. I can still feel the fear of hearing that my parents were supposed to sign a slip reporting me for misconduct in the classroom. Oh, the sticks …

Though I am extremely grateful for the people God used in VICA to help discipline, correct, and guide me.


I am currently in what most refer to as Senior Six vacation. I am frequently having lessons at FundiBots and practicing basketball.

My long-term goal is to leave this world better than I found it and I plan on fulfilling it by loving the people God has placed in my circle of concern and helping them where possible, which in turn, I believes, will encourage them to do the same. Therefore starting a chain-reaction. I also aspire to find a way of changing the outlook of my nation. I am still working on how to do it…